Availability monitoring SSL connection problem?

I have an alert (started 13 hours ago) about “unable to ping” my application.

I really cannot work out why the Availability monitor is not working, it reports the following:

SSL Error, The SSL certificate for this target is not supported. Please contact support for more information.)

I have tested my application from different browsers, using curl, from different locations… all good, even SSLLabs’ server test gives an “A+” score too all browsers report connecting fine.


Either something wrong with my server SSL configuration or the New Relic monitor has an issue or a new requirement I am missing? Anyone experiencing this issue or someone can replicate the connection problem?

Any help would be appreciated!


Application ping URL is:


Hey @angel, I ran that address through SSL Labs and do notice one thing, TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA | DH 2048 is the java 7 compatible suite you’re using. We use Java 7 with the availability monitor which supports a max DH key size of 1024.

In this instance I would recommend utilizing New Relic Synthetics to monitor your site instead. Synthetics offers free ping monitoring which is compatible with your setup and more customizable than legacy availability monitoring.

Thanks @max, that explains it thanks! Started using the Synthetic monitor, much better indeed.

About my DH key being 2048 bit big I did create it to secure the server against Logjam attacks, and it doesn’t sound right to downgrade just because of Java 7.

Are you thinking on upgrading to Java 8?

On the other hand you have an interesting SSL configuration for discuss.newrelic.com where the SSL Labs doesn’t fail with the Java7 test because it uses another cipher:


Will check that as my server supports that cipher and it should be picked before the DHE one so will investigate.

Hi @angel glad to hear @max’s explanation gave you the insight you needed. We have investigated the move to Java 8 for the Availability Monitor. However, after a great deal of thought we’ve decided to introduce Synthetics as a replacement for Availability Monitor going forward. Let us know if you have any other questions/feedback. We’re always interested in hearing what our customers have to say about our products!