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Availability option in report section under the SLA is not visible



Hi Team,

Previously there was an option to see availability in report section just below the SLA report now there is no graphical representation of availability report?
It shows the uptime percent in SLA only. Please find the screenshot for the reference and kindly reply on this as soon as possible.


- Old version report


When I can expect reply on this ?Current Report View link

Previous old view link i have attached the screenshot only as permalink is not there now.


Hi @NHSBTSupport - the availability monitor was shut down in March this year. That availability monitor was quite outdated and surpassed in feature set by Synthetics ping monitors.

You can see details here: RPM Availability Monitoring (Pinger) will be shutdown March 8th, 2019


Thanks Ryan for the information.
Can you also confirm on one thing if our synthetic option is going to expire than can we fetch the SLA report on uptime for the application portal?



Hi, @NHSBTSupport: You may have up to 50 Synthetics Ping monitors free of charge per account, so your Synthetics option should never expire. :slight_smile:


Than why it shows 3 days remaining on new relic portal , pfa screenshot
image !


Your Synthetics Pro trial expires in 3 days, but you will only lose access to Pro features. Your Ping monitors will continue to work.


What are the pro features include like is that covers reports like SLA too?


The Pro tier includes monitor types other than Ping, additional data retention, and advanced alerting. SLA reports are included in the free version.


So Does that mean this option will be available for us ?
Or does it require to renew for other options? can you list out what are the options which we will not be able to use it?


The Synthetics SLA Report will still be available for you with Synthetics Lite. :slight_smile: