Availability report - connection error (Received fatal alert: protocol_version)

Hi guys, we have been receiving a connection error when monitoring our URL https://www.viajanet.com.br

This error started when we applied a security changes in our SSL protocols. For a PCI rules, we only accept TLS 1.1 or above. After we made this change the error start to occur.

Could you check this for us?

Hi @eoliveira! Thanks for reaching out about your security changes. It seems likely that the issue is persisting since we do not support TLS 1.1 anymore:

Please let me know if we can answer any questions you have.

Thanks! :blush:

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No… it doesn’t.
My problem aren’t to connect to your webservers but YOUR webservices to connect to the mine.
As you I have also disabled a TLS protocols but since I did it I start to receive an erros when APM monitoring my URL.

Ahh I see—I misunderstood before, @eoliveira! I am sorry that my reply missed the mark.

I have looped in @btribbia—Synthetics SME—who has your answer. Hang tight!

Hi @eoliveira – the legacy Availability Monitor in APM only supports TLS 1.0 which is why it began throwing errors once you disabled older TLS protocols.

Moving forward I recommend using Synthetics Ping monitors to monitor this URL. Ping monitors support modern TLS protocols and server configurations that are unsupported by the legacy Availability Monitor.

With a free Synthetics Lite subscription you can create up to 50 Synthetics Ping monitors:


If you have any follow-up questions, just let me know!

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Unsupported version it’s one thing… don’t upgrade de protocol version is another… terrible… I pay usd 3,000 month and can’t do a simple "ping"on my website.
ok. i’ll turn it off and uses another tool.

@eoliveira I assumed a free solution to your issue would make you happy.

As Bob mentioned above, you can simply ping your website, free of charge.
(You can even ping 50 times if you need.)

If I can help connect you to your account executive to either discuss a Synthetics addition or otherwise, please let me know.

AND NOW NOTHING WORKING SINCE I HAVE DISABLED A TLS 1.0… because PCI compliance… usd 3000 motnh guys… 3000… and now nothing working… terrible… terrible…

@eoliveira I can tell you are very frustrated by this, and I don’t blame you. I am so sorry Synthetics isn’t working for you as expected.

I am making a private Support case for you in order to connect you with our Synthetics SMEs. When I showed them your latest post, they expressed to me that they would like to help troubleshoot to make sure we get tot he bottom of why you aren’t getting what you need.

Hopefully you are able to work it all out. Please let us know what the solution ends up being—the community will be eager to hear from you.

Look out for my email, thanks!

Hi Bob. No. The problem now is other. This one I already stopped to worry and i am using a Pingdom for monitoring a simple “ping”.

My problem now is occuring between newrelic server agent and newrelic dotnet agent with tbe collector.newrelic.com. so i cant monitoring my servers… and i cant monitoring my application. Nothing is working. Nothing.

Hey @eoliveira—I see that you have connected with the Synthetics experts here at New Relic in order to get all your questions answered. Happy to hear any of you lightbulb moments for the benefit of the community once you get all sorted! :blush:

Hi Linds, yeah! the support were very helpfull and they solved the problem.


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Thrilled to hear that, @eoliveira! :blush:

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