Availability Report in Insights?

How do we print the following in Insights?

Hi @Manoj.Ravikumar - I haven’t seen that SLA report, but I’m assuming that this is under the APM view? If this is the case then that is metric data which you cannot query in Insights. However, some charts from APM can be placed on an Insights dashboard if you hover over the chart an “Add to Insights Dashboard” option is available for charts that can be embedded in Insights dashboards.

Yes, under APM view -> under Reports -> Availability.

For the following Availability chart, how do I toggle to see percentage for last 6 months or last 12 months?

The answer is still the same. :slight_smile:

Could you please explain?

  • If you view a trace within the New Relic APM UI, New Relic stores that trace data for up to one year.

How do I retrieve the trace data?

You cannot export it, you can only view it in the UI.

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