Avg. time for transaction completely inaccurate

Trying to understand this anomaly…
I have a poor transaction which averages around 1749ms (1.7 seconds)

When I break down each component which makes up the poorly performing transaction one of them is 10 times as high as the average in the tens of seconds (!!!)

This is way off and brings me to question the accuracy of this report

Hey @adrian31,

Asynchronous data can definitely make for confusing charts at times. In this case, your average response time of the whole transaction, displayed at the top right of the chart, is also represented in the chart as a dark blue line. It may be hard to see, but it is towards the bottom of the chart near the 1-second mark.

You can also turn off the green Datastore portion of the chart, which would leave the Response Time portion of the chart visible and should adjust the scale to view it with more accuracy.

Let us know if this helps.