AWS Activate Credits Not Applied


we are currently enrolled onto the AWS Activate Startup programme through one of the Activate Partners. We have found that through Activate programme we can claim New Relic Credits and so we have chose to use NewRelic to monitor our applications. However, it has now been a week as we have set up the account and it seems like the New Relic credits we were hoping to claim have not been applied.

Could you please help us resolve this issue and help us claim the New Relic offer under AWS Activate programme?


Kind Regards,
ChicChicApp Team

@chicchicapp Welcome to the community :slight_smile: It sounds like you have fully enrolled in the AWS Activate program: AWS Activate for Startups, Founders, & Entrepreneurs

After enrolling did you apply for the New Relic Early Access program for Startups via this link?

Thank you and thanks for such a quick response! We haven’t submitted any AWS Activate related New Relic form before. But as you mentioned it, we did submit it just now.

We didn’t know that its part of the AWS Activate benefit claiming process. Considering that we have just applied for it via the link you provided, is there anything else we should? And when can we expect to hear back considering that we already have an account with New Relic following the benefit claim via AWS Activate platform?

ChicChicApp Team

@chicchicapp Glad to hear the information was helpful :slight_smile: Now that you’ve submitted the form someone from the NR Activate team will follow-up with what is required next. I’m not sure about the expected response time for this program.

Hello again,

Just wanted to let you know that no one has contacted us yet. Does it mean that there is no actual offer as such through AWS Activate? We would really like to explore NewRelic’s services and these credits would allow us to cover the initial costs during our Beta launch.

Is there anyone else that we could reach out to simply to get more clarity on this?