AWS ALB TargetResponseTime metric

I have integrated AWS Infrastructure with NewRelic and for ALB i am getting provider.targetResponseTime.Average metrics while i need provider.targetResponseTime metric so that i can use p95 on that. Could you please let me know how can we get provider.targetResponseTime metrics from AWS ALB to NewRelic?

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Hello @nitin.bohra, Using the provider.targetResponseTime would give you raw data. To use the Percentile queries, you’d have use this metric with any Aggregator function.

More information on this here: NRQL syntax, clauses, and functions

There is no provider.targetResponseTime metric is available only provider.targetResponseTime .Average is available. So i want to know is there any configuration required at NewRelic end for pulling provider.targetResponseTime metric data from AWS Cloud Watch?

@nitin.bohra I recommend visiting your Account status dashboard and looking for permissions or fetching errors. If you see permissions errors, double-check which permissions you have granted to New Relic based on Connect AWS integrations and Managed policies. If you noticed fetching errors, try narrowing down the number of API calls that New Relic sends by using Configuration for cloud integrations.

We have same problem - no provider.targetResponseTime, only provider.targetResponseTime.Average
No permissions or fetching errors.

@alexey22, I believe this is something you’re looking for: Query infrastructure dimensional metrics with NRQL

Here’s an example query:

FROM Metric SELECT average(aws.alb.targetGroup.targetResponseTime) timeseries since 30 minutes ago LIMIT max

Thanks @zahrasiddiqa!

But there is another strangeness. I get the same results for both:
FROM Metric SELECT max(aws.alb.targetGroup.targetResponseTime) timeseries since 60 minutes ago WHERE `` = 'my-svc'
FROM Metric SELECT min(aws.alb.targetGroup.targetResponseTime) timeseries since 60 minutes ago WHERE `` = 'my-svc'

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Hey @alexey22, could you send a link to your account, so that I can investigate further? (Only New Relic employees can access this link)

Hey @alexey22, I don’t see any data with the WHERE '' = 'my-svc' clause in the last 60 days.

However, the following queries show different results for max and min: Insights

FROM Metric SELECT max(aws.alb.targetGroup.targetResponseTime)  since 60 minutes ago WHERE `` IS NOT NULL facet ``


FROM Metric SELECT min(aws.alb.targetGroup.targetResponseTime)  since 60 minutes ago WHERE `` IS NOT NULL facet ``

I compared with CloudWatch and discovered that NewRelic’s aws.alb.targetGroup.targetResponseTime equals to CloudWatch’s TargetResponseTime.Average. Just like provider.targetResponseTime.Average

It would be nice to have all TargetResponseTime.* (min, max, p50, p95, p99, etc) and not only TargetResponseTime.Average.