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AWS Billing (Budget) Data Missing



New Relic Infrastructure Question Template


Currently I have the AWS Billing Integration Configured, and it works ok for the Billing (Costs) dashboard. I can query the data and have also built my own dashboard for service costs, etc. This has been confirmed working with 3 different AWS account integrations.

However, the Billing (Budgets) dashboard is empty, and there does not seem to be the expected data flowing to New Relic. I have followed the NR documentation and blog posts, but still something must be wrong. I have budgets configured in AWS and working as expected, so I’m not sure what’s missing - any support would be much appreciated.



Resolved - user error. We had budgets configured in an account that was not integrated with New Relic :roll_eyes:.


Nice and simple! Glad you got this sorted out & thanks for letting us know @hstericker :smiley: