AWS CloudWatch Stream Metric Alerts are not Tagged

We have used AWS cloudwatch stream to pipe in AWS cloudwatch metric to New Relic

on this data I have configured an alert
with query

SELECT average(aws.ec2.CPUCreditBalance) FROM Metric facet, tags.env

Here and tags.env are tags I added in AWS console

The problem is when an incident is triggered ,these tags are NOT associated with the incident

However, I have seen that if I am using a alert on some APM metric like for example

SELECT percentage(count(*), WHERE httpResponseCode like '5%') FROM Transaction facet , tags.env

here and tags.env are tags I added to my service in newrelic.yml

but now if an incident is triggered with this condition

then I get the tags on my incident

Here I am getting all the tag that I require

I have see this discussion thread

here it is mentioned that tagging on incident is only possible by " faceting your alert condition on the attribute entity.guid ."

But with AWS cloudwatch metric there is no entity.guid , is it not possible to tag incidents created from AWS cloudwatch metric in new relic?

The values are indeed included but how they are accessed is dependant in the type of alert. I suggest you check the payload that gets created when an incident is open you will see these tags may be showing on a different place in the tree hence you need to call the subtree as well.

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