AWS Fargate Monitoring

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Is it possible to monitor AWS Fargate in New Relic?


Hi, @moses.arock: You should be able to use New Relic’s AWS ECS integration to monitor the underlying cluster.

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Thanks @philweber, but this come from Cloudwatch metrics correct ?

Yes, that is correct. That is not what you want?

@philweber I was checking if this is possible via new relic agent, like Infra.


Ah. I think Fargate abstracts the underlying EC2 instances, so it is not possible to install the Infrastructure agent.

Yes @philweber I understand.


@moses.arock although we don’t support this at the moment, this would make a great Feature Idea here on the Hub where other users can vote and add their use-cases. The more support these ideas get the better :slight_smile:


Today we had a fargatge instance run out of disk space. It seems that we cannot/should not install the infrastructure agent. Does anyone know if it is possible to get disk metrics from the AWS Integration for these instances? Looking at the ECS Cluster/Service in entity explorer, I only see cpu and memory coming from cloudwatch.

Hi @philweber,

The new ECS integration available:

I need to confirm that it can be compatible with AWS Fargate, as it isn’t stated in the documentation.


Yes, AWS Fargate on ECS is supported.

The agent can be deployed as a sidecar on Fargate. Check the install instructions:

Is AWS Fargate on EKS supported? I’m struggling to figure out how to install the nri-bundle Helm chart as a sidecar.


I’m also interested in EKS Fargate support.

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I am trying to enable integration for EKS in Fargate. Can you please confirm if this possible?

Bump. Also using EKS & Fargate. Would love to know if its possible