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    Hello Team, I have set alert for AWS_RDS_N/W_Transmit_Throughput - Average is above 25 M for at least 5 minutes then the Alert will trigger. But I have received wrong alert notification for the same. When I checked the new relic graph for AWS RDS, it was not reached to the threshold. But still, I am getting an alert notification that the Average is above 25 M.
    So, Kindly help me to resolve the issue of the wrong Alert notification. Please find the snapshot of the alert and email notification attached herewith.

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Hi @nwe.bchauhan - From the alert image you provided, it looks like you have set the Average > 25, not Average > 25000000 which could be the cause. Condition values are in the single measurements - not hundreds, thousands, etc.

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Hello @stefan_garnham , Thanks for reply. But i have tried both 25 M and 250,000,000 bytes which converts to 25 M in Alert condition. But in both condition, it triggered wrong alert.

I have set bytes because in newrelic it shows the bytes/second metric(graph). But still it’s not working. Please find the snapshot attached herewith.

Ok, I was not sure if it would be that simple :slight_smile:

Hopefully someone from support can assist as I cannot access your account to view the condition.

Hello @nwe.bchauhan, Could you try setting the threshold to 25000000? A good way to visualise this would be to use a query like:

SELECT average(`provider.networkTransmitThroughput.Average`), 25000000 FROM DatastoreSample WHERE entityName = `entityName`  TIMESERIES 1 minute

If you can provide a link to the incident that was opened incorrectly, I’ll be happy to take a look. (Only New Relic employees will be able to access this link.)

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