AWS Integration Encryption


I’m considering setting up some of the AWS integrations. I understand these integrations use the CloudWatch API. The CloudWatch API offers both HTTP and HTTPS endpoints.

New Relic’s focus on data encryption leads me to suspect the integrations only use the HTTPS endpoints, but I’ve been unable to find that explicitly stated.

Do the AWS integrations only use HTTPS endpoints when retrieving data from a connected AWS account?

Thanks for any clarification that can be offered!

Hi there!

All data collected and reported by the infrastructure agent is sent over HTTPS protocol on port 443, as show in the Network Documentation. However, I would highly recommend looking into CloudWatch Metric Streams as an alternative. Metric Streams has multiple benefits, and also delivers all data directly to New Relic over HTTPS through one of our endpoints. More information about Metric Streams can be found here!

Hi Alex!

Thanks so much for the response. Metric Streams looks like a really good way to go, thanks for pointing those out! I’ll likely head in that direction.

I am still curious about the AWS integrations hitting the CloudWatch API (which as I understand it is separate from the infrastructure agent). Would it be possible to find out if the calls to the CloudWatch API are to the HTTPS endpoints of CloudWatch? This would be good to know in case I do still need to utilize some of that type of integration.

Thanks a lot for your help!