AWS Integration Stream suddenly stopped working

AWS Integration stream was working a couple of days ago.
Now on the UI we have the message “We haven’t received any metrics from AWS account .”

We haven’t changed anything.
Suddenly we now have hundreds of permission errors in the account status dashboard and when querying the IntegrationErrors in NRQL.

The stream method has always seemed flaky and this feels like just another example. It’s really difficult to debug why it’s suddenly broken.
All of a sudden the API calls graph has spiked up (who knows if that’s charging us)

Yet I can still query AWS metrics in the Data Explorer?
What’s going on?!

Main reason I’ve got here is I need to debug a different integration but my IntegrationError metrics are being flooded with AWS UnrecognizedClientException and ServiceAccessDenied errors

Did you resolve this? I just tried to set up a fresh account and am getting the same error (UnrecognizedClientException ServiceAccessDenied) with no other data coming through…

Only way I was able to fix my issue was setting it up fresh.
Sounds like you are already doing that.

I am still getting the ServiceAccessDenied error but only for a couple of regions and services. We’re still receiving the rest of our data.
If you are recieving that error for all of the requests then I’d suggest the permissions in AWS might need looking at to make sure New Relic can stream out all the data.

Thanks - looks like I hadn’t finished setting up the firehose from AWS to New Relic: Amazon CloudWatch Metric Streams integration | New Relic Documentation

Will try that and hopefully things will start working…


@mike.smith Following up since I see that you were able to fix the primary issues. Please confirm if you are needing further support. Thanks!

@newrelic387 Would also love to know if it started working for you again after finishing the setup?

Hi @JoiConverse
Please see my latest ticket opening this same issue again.

We keep seeing the metrics disappear for no reason.
Can this be looked into please?
We need to be able to rely on New Relic to alert us to problems, but if it keeps dropping the AWS connection without reason or notification then we cannot rely on it at all to alert us to issues in our infrastructure.


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@mike.smith Thank you for sharing the topic you posted regarding this issue. It looks like one of our support team members was able to assist.