AWS RabbitMQ integration


We have added AWS MQ integration in the Infrastructure tab, in order to get metrics from AWS RabbitMQ, but only ConsumerCount per Queue metrics available.
Does new relic support AWS RabbitMQ service? If yes, what else we need to add in order to get other data.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @bohdan7 , if you’re looking to integrate RabbitMQ, I would recommend you read through this documentation.

Let me know if you need anything else.


We have the same issue.
We migrated from running our own RabbitMQ instance into Amazon MQ which is an unmanaged RabbitMQ service. The guide suggested by @nmcnamara only works if you have shell access to the box and can install additional software. However, in the case of AmazonMQ, you don’t have shell access and cannot install the newrelic agent.

So the question is, does NewRelic support metrics coming from AmazonMQ (AWS RabbigMQ service)?

The documentation provides with references which don’t appear in NewRelic itself AWS integrations metrics | New Relic Documentation
Also, all the dashbords for AmazonMQ are empty except the one that shows the total connections.

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Hello and welcome to the Explorer’s Hub!
Apologies for the delay in responding. We do indeed support AWS MQ through our AWS integrations, all the info you should need to configure the AWS MQ integration along with how to connect your AWS account to New Relic One is contained in this doc.

Hope the above helps, please let us know if you have further questions.