Azure Data Factory Metric Ingestion Issue

I am seeing an issue whereby no metric data from our Azure Data Factories is being ingested into our New Relic account.

Since approximately 2022-11-12 18:58:00 (UTC) I can see that all calls the to Azure API for Data Factory metrics are returning a 501 status code with an error:


SELECT COUNT(*) from IntegrationProviderReport WHERE provider = 'azure' AND httpStatusCode = 501 TIMESERIES AUTO FACET dataSourceName,httpStatusCode SINCE 2 weeks AGO WITH TIMEZONE 'UTC'


Example API Call From IntegrationProviderReport*%27%20and%20CancelledBy%20eq%20%27*%27%20and%20Name%20eq%20%27*%27&api-version=2018-01-01


{"error":{"code":"AuthenticationFailed","message":"Authentication failed. The 'Authorization' header is missing."}}

I have checked and the integration’s App Registration does still have the Reader role over all of the Data Factories:

This issue is not present for any other Azure Resources.

Can someone please advise if this is a New Relic or an Azure issue?

Hi @hack.fraud

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

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I did a little digging in the New Relic docs and found some docs that maybe useful.

  1. Azure API Management monitoring integration, this doc discusses what New Relic offers this integration for reporting your Microsoft Azure API Management data. This document explains how to activate this integration and describes the data that can be reported.

  2. Metric data gaps with cloud integrations, shows how locate gaps in metrics.

I hope this was helpful, should you have any questions or updates please do reach out.

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