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Azure SQL Managed Instance not showing data


  • No agent - Azure integration

  • NO agent - azure integration

  • Subscription - PRO

  • I have added the Azure integration in infrastructure. I added the Azure account. I can see information in the dashboard for storage and virtual networks but nothing for SQL.

I have an Azure SQL Managed Instance which I want to monitor and according to the documentation this should be possible.

please advise urgently.


Hello @monitoring17,

Did you add the beta integration as noted here?



yes that is the article I followed and there is no data from the manged instance available. I really enjoy the product and need this to work otherwise it’s weeks of research to try find a solution that will work.

I can see data from my storage and networking components but nothing from SQL managed instance. The sample data includes DTU’s which is one of the shared SQL DB’s in Azure. I need it to work for SQL Managed Instances.



Hi @monitoring17,

Looking at your account, I don’t see that the Azure managed instance beta is enabled. You’ll need to contact your account rep Willian Oliveira to get the beta enabled for your account.


Thank you. I have emailed Will and hopefully he can assist to enable it. Appreciate the help.


Hello @monitoring17, Sure, let us know how you get on with it :slight_smile: