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Azure SQL / SQL Server Monitoring Plugin in Docker/Kubernetes on Linux




I was able to run Azure SQL Plugin in Kuberenetes/Docker (on Linux).

Docker Image (at Docker Hub):

My solution is also working on Linux without Docker (if someone needs).

To Admins: Maybe we can do some effort to do same for other pieces.


Hi there @mihovil.strujic - can you confirm which plugin you were working with? We have a couple of Azure SQL plugins.



one provided by NewRelic:


@hross, I understand why you asked me that question. Plugins for Azure SQL and SQL Server created by NewRelic are long time abandoned and now only metrics of SQL server is provided through Infrastructure. Maybe you should put that somewhere in GitHub or Plugins page…


Hey @mihovil.strujic - those legacy plugins still work and still are supported (though there is no current development on them).

The preferred option is Cloud Integrations - of which this one might be best suited to you: