Backup of newrelic configuration

I want to take an incremental backup of configuration’s such as
Policy Name
NRQL queries used in conditions
Plugin configurations
Conditions created via console
Custom dashboards
So in case something happened we can reload everything from a backup version
A backup Once in a day will also do

@kunal - welcome to the community. This is such a great idea. I don’t think we have a way to do what you are asking for exactly, but I am wondering if my colleagues @jbiggley or @acuffe have been able to advise customers with similar needs. There are some best practices I think we can unearth here!


Have you looked at our terraform provider? You can do a lot to automate a lot of items.

You could certainly use that to create backups of content. You could store the output locally or even script it to store in github or similar.

Some customers use the terraform and github combinations and instead of making changes in the UI they orchestrate their alert structure in github and terraform is then used to tear down the alerts in an account and rebuild it clean once a day or a smart frequency to suit your needs and therefore the defined alerts in github are your guaranteed persistence of alert configuration. Meaning if someone makes a change it will be deleted and back to expected structure unless they add that change to github.

Dashboards is just JSON backups so could again work fine stored in a repo. I’ll see if there’s any scripts we have built up internally but that’s where I could see this being done.


Also our friends at IBM have a CLI they built that actually helps with your need too :slight_smile: didn’t think of it until now

New Relic’s has been building our own CLI and I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon added similar ability. You can use the CLI to interact with Nerdgraph GQL so as we add mutations for alerts I think it’ll be extremely possible via our own CLI

I have the IBM/newrelic-cli setup. But with NewRelic moving on to NewRelic one platform, backup of dashboards doesn’t really work, since its looking up for dashboards on the older platform.
Also, what’ve I seen is if you have a small footprint of alerts and conditions, the tool does a good job, but with my large set of monitors, I hit a "invalid character ‘<’ looking for beginning of value
". I think the error is with pagination in the code.

@priyadarshini.r.kolw Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences with this configuration! :star_struck: