Best way to monitor DNS?

Is there a recommended/preferred way to monitor DNS health using the New Relic platform?

Like many companies, my company was affected by a widespread Azure DNS outage on 2021-04-01. At the start of the outage, we began seeing HTTP 500 errors with the message, “The remote name could not be resolved: [domain name]”

I could setup a NRQL-based alert to look for TransactionErrors with that signature, but that feels a little indirect. Is there a better way to monitor DNS health with New Relic?

Thanks in advance for any insight into a better approach for this.

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Hey there @keith.lafortune -

If you have not seen it yet, I would take a look at our Synthetic capability. With Synthentics, you can create monitors to test various DNS endpoints and be alerted if there are any failures:

Let me know if I missed the bat and that’s not what you are looking for.