Billed for more users than we actually have

We only have 1 user, but it’s showing that we’ll be billed for 6. See below. How do we correct this?

New Relic One - Standard Full Platform Users (PAYG)
Free: 1 / 1 Full platform users
Billable: 6 Full platform users ($99.00 per full platform users)

HI @servers

I hope you are well.

I have gone ahead and created a case on your behalf with the accounts team, they will be able to better support this issue.

Please note they will reach out via email.

Feel free to reach out should you have any further questions.

Cab we get an update on this please?

Hi @servers

I can see the case in is progress. The Accounts team reached out several times, dating back to the 6th of May.

Can you confirm you didn’t receive any email? Also I would advise you to check your spam inbox just incase it made its way there.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

No emails received. Yes, it is for The Ripe Group. Can someone contact me directly to resolve this?

Hi @servers

I removed the email you attached here to help protect your privacy.

I can see the issue here was, that the email attached to the profile you are using here dose not match the email address you just shared.

I have directly messaged you with the email that you have attached to this profile. Please see this direct message for further updates.