Billing access user setup

Our accounting department needs access to the monthly invoices and even though I granted them admin access which includes the role who can see billing it appears they cannot actually see anything unless they are upgraded to ‘core’ or ‘full platform’ user which incur additional monthly fees. Our accounting team would not be using the features in new relic so I don’t see why they should be charged the $49/mo just to get the invoices. Is there any way I can set them up to access this information or can we setup invoices to email to them? They are already setup as the billing contact so I would assume they can get this basic information.

Hi @bembree1

I hope you are well.

To my understanding its due to security reasons only users with full admin access or above access the billing. This is to ensure the protection of an accounts billing info.

However I have gone ahead and created a case with the Accounts team to help have a look and see if there is any work arounds here but to my understanding I dont believe there is. Please note they will reach out via email.

Should you have any questions please do reach out!