Billing adjustment request before adding credit card

I have a personal account that I add to my client’s accounts as a user because I would otherwise have to login / logout to be able to monitor different client accounts. I’ve also added other developers for the same setup. I did not realize that these extra accounts are incurring additional costs for my client’s account under the new billing scheme.

I’ve now changed my account & other accounts to be restricted users, keeping the owner account as the sole billable account.

My client’s account is soon going to hit the ingestion limit and is willing to pay for the additional ingestion charges as well as the additional ingestion charges for January that we’ve already been billed.

I would like to request for an adjustment on the users charges though as $500 for 5 users that just monitored the performance (only view, no management whatsoever) is a bit too hard to swallow.

Hi @rystraum, Welcome to the Explorers Hub. I have reached out to our billing team to assist you with this. They will follow up shortly by email.