[Billing][DataIngest] Massive data ingest increase without notice


We’ve recently had to upgrade our New Relic PHP Agent due to this issue: https://github.com/newrelic/newrelic-php-agent/issues/387
which was marked as fixed in version

Since the upgrade to PHP 8.1 and our application using Laravel 9 we’ve noticed that our data ingest has increased 10x from previous.

Looking on the forum topics here it looks to be due to “distributed tracing” and has come up before, please see these topics:

Distributed tracing is not something that we have opted into and it has been enabled on our account by default. The consequence of this is that our billing has increased almost 10x through no action of our own. A feature like distributed tracing that has this kind of effect should not be enabled by default.

Is there someone in an accounts or billing department that I can talk to privately regarding a partial refund?

Based on the topic I linked earlier in the post are there any sure-fire methods on disabling distributed tracing as the other poster did not appear to have any luck? Or having distributed tracing take into account the aptex value (0.5 * 4 = 2 seconds)?

Hi @chris.sell1

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

Congrats on your first post in the community, Whoop!

I have gone ahead and created a case on your behalf with the Billing team, please note they will reach out via email soon. I have done this as I am unable to approve refunds.

Should you have any additional questions or updates please do reach out.

Additionally in relation to the feature being automatic for user. To my understanding this a agent feature which is highlighted in the New Relic docs on the PHP agent update. We would recommend customers always read all updates for agents, additionally I believe there was an email sent in relation to this.

As this is a billing issue, it will be best to raise further concerns in the case I have created.

Hi @dcody ,

I’ve received the email for the billing case unfortunately the link provided does not work and sends me to a 404 page. I’ve also logged in and checked for any open support cases but there are not any that I can see.

Please let me know what can be done about this so that I can progress this issue.

Hi @chris.sell1

I note that since your message here, a New Relic Billing team member has reached out, please do let me know if you have received the reply.