Billing is very confusing - Surprise billing


Trying New Relic with our infrastructure and applications for a while. We choose a free plan to see what’s going on and try the features of New Relic. “manage your plan”, “Manage your data”, “Billing & Invoices” , any of these pages were not indicating that we exceed our plan limit and it started to charge us for the usage.

Today while playing around with new relic settings, I saw “view your usage” link in the menu and clicked. Ta daa! The month-to-date cost $449.75. I have no idea what happened? I don’t know why I didn’t get any alert email or I didn’t see any message on any other pages related to my plan. Because as a user, I’m checking pages named “manage your plan” and “billing” pages to see if new relic is charging me or not. I never thought it will be in “view your usage” page which is very confusing I guess.

What is the exact meaning of this cost since I’m a free plan user? Is it the amount I need to pay at the end of the month? Or what?

@eray.alakese That doesn’t sound like the ideal “surprise”. We are not able to work on billing questions through this forum but I will route you to the correct person. You should receive an email soon.

Deleted my last comment on this topic because I misunderstood @JoiConverse 's comment and after reading it again, decided to delete my comment.

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@eray.alakese Hope this all got resolved for you :slight_smile: