Blank page upon login - NS_ERROR_FILE_CORRUPTED

When I try to log in I get a blank page and an error in the console saying NS_ERROR_FILE_CORRUPTED message empty string and bunch of stack trace - only way to to log in to the app is via incognito mode in browser.

I’ve tried clearing out cache, cookies and local storage in Firefox but that does not help.

Hi karol5 :wave: Welcome to the Explorers Hub Community!

That error is certainly odd! When I take a look at your user permissions, I’m not seeing anything that jumps out as a potential issue. Since you mentioned that this only works in Incognito but clearing your cache doesn’t seem to help, I’ll be happy to open a support ticket and my team can help look further to ensure there’s nothing we’re missing from our side. I’ll go ahead and open that ticket now and you should receive a follow up email soon.