Boss Bingo #DataLikeABoss

New Relic is all about turning data into intelligence. Whether you are in a Dev, Ops, or DevOps role, we want to make you smarter about everything in your stack. But we don’t want to stop at just making you smarter. We want you to help make your boss smarter too by being the first, best, place to understand your digital business.

This month, we’re highlighting some of the many ways you can use New Relic to impress your boss and delight your customers!


The rules are simple and you should recognize them if you have ever played bingo!

Choose any of the 3 challenges on the bingo board above and share about them in this thread!

When you get a ‘bingo’, post which actions on which dots you completed, and remember: you must complete either three dots across, three dots diagonally or three dots down (or go for the blackout! :black_circle: ) to win!

The first 10 people to post their ‘Boss Bingo’ will win New Relic SWAG! We will be posting who the winners are as soon as we reach 10! After that, there will be no more winners, BUT feel free to play until the end of the month.

Helpful links
Celebrity Dashboards

Bobby Valentine

Managing Change at 100 MPH

Intro to Digital Customer Experience Marketing

Visibility for Constantly Changing Systems

Have fun! :tada:

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here is my favorite NRQL Query.
SELECT * FROM TransactionError where httpResponseCode = ‘400’ and request.headers.referer = ‘https://YOURSITEHERE’ WHERE appId = 123456 SINCE 10083 MINUTES AGO UNTIL 3 MINUTES AGO

Bobby Valentine posts “how easy it is for MLBAM to manage application performance with New Relic”. i am still new to New Relic but BAM I am now writing my own custom NRQL queries so Kudos to you.

I am using NR Synthetics to do this and it is really helping. " Improving End-User Experiences with New Relic Browser and Synthetics" My only wish is to make it easier to do On Premise Synthetics and include the Reverse Proxy in the Simple Ping checks rather than requiring the scripted browser. But it is good stuff. PS. I got BINGO with MLBAM, UX and NRQL Queries. Go New Relic.


:tada: :tada: :tada: We got out first bingo!

Well done, @john.monroe! You sir get New Relic SWAG.

Feel free to go for that blackout, too! :wink:

Hey @john.monroe - love this! Feel free to share that here as well! Useful Insights NRQL queries library

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The alert that gets my boss out of bed is Checkout_Transaction_Time is > 2s for more than 5m.


Hmmm, I’ve completed quite a number of these prior to the Bingo post …

Quick check of the rules …

No time restrictions … Nope

Ok in that case I have completed
Intro to Digital Customer Experience Marketing from previous webinars, FutureStack events and the New Relic University Videos.
I have at least 2 people from my Company who have registered on the forum and posted.
I was at FutureStack when Infrastructure was released to Beta and we were involved in the Beta release.

House! No, it’s US English so Bingo???

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Ok, watched Digital Customer Experience: Managing at 100 MPH and Visibility for Constantly Changing Systems. Bingo!


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Thanks for the inspiration, @stefan_garnham! Nicely done, as always! :blush:

Whoo! :tada:

Well done! Congrats and thanks for participating!

CONGRATULATIONS to @john.monroe, @stefan_garnham and @michael.julson !!!

for sharing you BOSS BINGOs

You three deserve special New Relic SWAG - thanks for playing! We hope that you learned a bit about using New Relic to impress your boss and delight your customers!

Hope to see you in the OTC soon! :blush: