Browser agent not showing data

Share a direct permalink to the UI page you are referencing and a Public URL to the page the Browser agent is instrumenting:[end]=1590074747&tw[start]=1590053147
Page seen in above link -
Another page instrumented by Browser agent -

Deployed via APM, using Lite version.

As can be seen above the End user and Page views columns are blank for ClearLessons. I have seen values here intermittently but blank pretty much whenever I check. If you View page source for the pages I linked above you can see that the APM agent is injecting the Browser agent JavaScript snippet correctly.

Not sure what the issue is. I think it could be a case of multiple instances of the newrelic-daemon running on the EC2 instances, if so I could use help remediating that.

Hey @newrelic80

I’m curious how your app is operating… I checked both URLs you listed and I don’t see the browser agent JS in either of them.

I looked in the page source, and I also ran in the browser console, the latter showing newrelic is undefined

That seems to line up with the browser agent data in the New Relic UI, which, I can see is rather sporadic…

The most recent time frame here on the right side being when I’m looking at the site. It also looks like the PHP app is not reporting web transactions right now, but is reporting non-web transactions.

So, with that in mind, I think we may want to look at your agent logs to see what it’s doing, and how/when it’s injecting the browser JS snippet.

I’ll get a ticket created for you and you’ll see that in your inbox shortly, could you please generate some agent logs and get those sent in to the ticket? My expert colleagues will be able to review those logs and get you help with this.


Hi Ryan,

The EC2 instances running the app are now correctly running 2 newrelic-daemon processes. I have used the nrdiag tool with both the --suites php flag and the --browser-url flag for the sites I listed in my previous ticket, and it found no errors. I followed the guide you linked to generate logs and have attached them below.
php_agent.txt (506.2 KB)
newrelic-daemon.txt (492.6 KB)

@newrelic80 just wanted to follow up on this as Ryan is off today. It looks like both of the URLs you linked are getting the browser snippet now, and the Agent/Daemon logs look good. Are you still experiencing issues, or are things showing up as expected?

The Agent-side injection part looks good to me, but if you’re still experiencing intermittent issues, a good place to look can be CDN caching. Sometimes a cache flush is needed to get the working page version up.

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Hi scandela,

Thanks for the help.

We are still encountering issues - the End user and Page view columns are still blank on the APM dashboard.

We suspect this may be to do with a low request rate - the site is typically getting fewer than 100 requests/minute and I can see in the Apdex documentation that the End User score may be unstable for this kind of request rate.
I can also see that the Apdex End User score is intermittently set as “1” .

Is there anything we can do regarding this around End user/Page view reporting for these low numbers of requests? Or are there any other underlying issues we may need to look at?

@newrelic80 I believe it’s expected behavior that those would be empty for an app that had extremely low throughput (I am checking last 12 and last 24 hours and there seem to only be a few incoming requests). Is there a way you can run some testing/generate some traffic to then see if the dashboard matches up with what you would expect to see?