Browser Analyzer Nerdpack

Meet the New Relic One Browser Analyzer

The New Relic One Browser Analyzer Nerdpack uses the PageView events in New Relic to interrogate and categorize the performance of a web site. My personal favorite part of this tool is the Tolerated, Frustrated and Satisfied visual indicators. (as defined by the apdex value for a given New Relic Browser application.)

Explore how you can customize your thresholds and build a similar at-a-glance analyzer like this one by heading to GitHub.

Clone This Nerdpack

Getting Started

Clone this repository and run the following scripts:

git clone
cd nr1-browser-analyzer
nr1 nerdpack:uuid -gf
npm install
npm start

Visit, navigate to the Nerdpack, and :sparkles:

The full Browser Analyzer GitHub repository and ReadMe can be found here.

Happy Nerd-ing! :nerd_face:


Hello - I followed the steps mentioned here and did not see the application on newrelic one nerdpacks=local page. here is the console log when followed the steps. What am I missing here?


Hey @ganesh1 - The browsdr analyser nerdpack does not show up as a launcher on the New Relic One home page - you’ll need to navigate through the entity explorer to a Browser App - from there on the left side menu you’ll see a site analyser menu option.

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Got it. Thank you so much. The documentation might need an update from your side with these instructions :slight_smile:


@ganesh1 - I just updated the readme on the github repo for this nerdpack:


Hi all,

Sorry for the repetitive question. I got it up and running on my local machine, as it shows in the previous post. I am not able to locate it in the Entity explorer though.

Any pointers? :slight_smile:


Hi @dennis.simanis

You are running browser analyzer locally, correct? If so can you make sure your URL includes nerdpacks=local

If so, and you don’t see the local nerdpacks in the left side nav when viewing a browser app from the entity explorer, please share a screenshot of anything you see in the browser console :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply. I do run Browser Analyzer locally, and the URL to launch is as you indicated above.

When I navigate to Entity Explorer the URL looks like this:

From there, if I search for Browser Applications, I do not see Site Analyzer.

I’m afraid I am not able to share the screenshot due to privacy reasons :frowning:

Here’s a screenshot of the console:

Hi @dennis.simanis

Could you share a screenshot of the UI in a private message with me here?

Alternatively, a way to check if there is an issue in locally serving the nerdpack, you could navigate to the App Catalog (hit Apps from the top left of the New Relic One UI), scroll till you see Browser Analyser, and then click through to add access to your account.

If you try that, can you let me know if you see the analyser after that?

Many thanks for the follow up! I’ll get back to it sometime next week, since I need to focus on other issues now :slight_smile:

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No worries! We’re here to help whenever you’re ready :smiley: