Browser Application hosted on multiple servers


We have a browser application hosted on multiple servers and domains, what is the best recommended option when organising it in new relic? Should we create one browser application on newrelic and configure all servers with same application script or should we be creating individual newrelic application per server/domain?

Is there any way we can automate application creation for browser?

Hi, @ashish.tilara: If you want to monitor how customers experience your application from different domains, then I recommend using a different browser script / application name for each domain, though you may use the same script for all domains, and use NRQL queries to analyze the data per-domain.

@philweber Thank you for response, do you know if is this still relevant?

I tried to create the browser application using the API but cannot see on NewRelic One dashboard.

Sorry, I was not aware of that endpoint. I see the same behavior: I am able to create a new Browser application using the API, but it does not appear in the Browser applications list. Perhaps it will appear after the Browser agent reports data to the new app ID?

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Hello @philweber,

Confirmed, Yes once browser agent reports the data, it appears on NR dashboard. :+1:

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@ashish.tilara glad to hear that you got that working! Let me know if you need anything else.