Browser application not working when deployed using APM method

I am trying to deploy a browser application using the “Enable via APM” method. It goes through the steps and gives “give us couple of minutes…” but the application never shows up under browser applications. The APM applications works fine. What am I doing wrong?

2021-06-22T14:34:42,397+0000 [11156 87] com.newrelic INFO: Real user monitoring is enabled for application xxx-PRD-tomcat. Auto instrumentation is enabled.

2021-06-22T14:37:41,349+0000 [9832 143] com.newrelic INFO: Real user monitoring is enabled for application xxx-prd-wildfly-master. Auto instrumentation is enabled.

Hi, @newrelicpoc: It looks like these are Java applications, correct? Browser auto-instrumentation only works for Java applications that use JSP pages:

Do your applications use JSP pages?

Hi @philweber,

My application is using jsp. After couple of attempts now I am seeing the browser application. I only see data around 1:30pm EST. FYI, today morning NR support removed “server side configuration” from my APM applications. Please see attached.


Also I see no connections in the service map under the browser app.

@newrelicpoc Hi there! I’m looking at your account and I believe this question is for the NPC-PRD-tomcat browser application, correct? I see session traces, PageView, Ajax Requests, core web vitals on the summary page and route change details in charts below that on the dashboard.

Are you still seeing any issues? If so, can you please specify what is missing in the browser data?


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I also see that there is a connection with the APM app now as well.

Please let me know if you are still having any issues. Thanks!

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Issue is resolved after js snippet injected to the code.

Great to hear @murali.somasundaram

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