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Browser Pro + SPA integrate with APM Distributed Tracing?



When will Browser traces be integrated with APM Distributed Tracing

We love APM distributed tracing for our server-side applications. It helps us to see how our API microservices interact.

One gap that I have noticed is that I cannot trace the request as it originated in our client-side application code (Angular) that is being monitored by NR Browser PRO + SPA.

When will Browser Pro and APM Pro work together to offer distributed tracing from client-side code all the way through to server-side code?


Hi @dmiyamasu,
I’m the PM for the Browser product, and I’m happy to report that this is our next milestone. Our goal is to deliver Browser in DT around December. If you are interested in potentially being an early adopter, please let me know.



@lfarina I would be interested, but would like to have a discussion beforehand to provide some context around our goals and current barriers. Would you be open to that?


Hey @dmiyamasu - Feel free to send Lindsy a DM here in the explorers hub to chat about your goals outside of this thread :smiley:


I believe this has shipped yesterday, but it doesn’t quite work as I expected. It seems that for now only AJAX requests using XMLHttpRequest are part of the distributed traces. Request being made using the modern fetch API aren’t seen by distributed tracing. This is rather disappointing since that is what we’re using pretty much anywhere in our application. Is this on the roadmap?


Hi @Jonathan.Mezach,

This is still a very new feature, but I ran your question by our devs. It sounds like fetch is currently supported and expected to work, but with a couple of caveats:

  1. Right now we only support fetch requests that are same-origin. They’re still working on support for cross-origin requests.

  2. If the Browser app is tied to a Java, C, or PHP APM agent, there are a couple of known bugs that we’re working on.

If neither of those caveats apply to your case, we’d like to open a ticket for you to do some diagnosis - just let me know.


Ah, I guess we’re being hit by that first one then. Our backend services are hosted on a different sub domain than where our browser application is running at. Hopefully you get that working soon. If you need any help with that, do let me know. More than happy to try it out.


Thanks @Jonathan.Mezach - we’ll be sure to let you know if that comes to a pre-release for you to try. :smiley: