Browser - Service Map not showing anything else than the browser itself

I don’t know if it make sense, but I have configured pretty much everything properly and I still cannot see the service map properly. All the other aspect of the browser works except that.

My web app is on site app mysite com and my API’s on site such as api mysite com/…

The ajax calls show properly, but service map is simply empty (only the browser itself app mysite com shows). Is this normal?

@nordes.lamarre Hi there! Can you please share a link to your account and browser application?

I’m also including a link to documentation below that includes a requirements section. Please note, the minimum required agent versions as well.

Service maps work with distributed tracing to connect relationships between entities. Service maps are still functional if you have not enabled distributed tracing, but it’s recommended. Do both applications you mention have distributed tracing enabled?

I’m not sure if you read this, though the troubleshooting section for service maps here may also help point you in the right direction.

Thank you again!