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Browser - User experience based on page load



Hi, I know page load time is not the unique attribute to consider when we talk about consumer experience, but I want to see the big picture in terms of percentage of consumers with Good, Regular and Bad experience based on the result of page load time when they are consuming page view from my website.

Please let me know if it is the proper way to show this kind of data.

SELECT percentage(Count(pageUrl), WHERE duration <5) AS ‘%Good (<5)’, percentage(Count(pageUrl), WHERE duration >= 5 AND duration <11) AS ‘%Regular (>=5 and <11)’, percentage(Count(pageUrl), WHERE duration >10) AS ‘%Bad (>10)’, count(*) as ‘Total pages’ FROM PageView SINCE 24 hours ago


Hey Phil, I do not have access to this article. Can you give such access?


Oh, sorry! Apparently it is not yet publicly visible. I will repost next week when it becomes available.


Sure, that works. You can also do this:

SELECT count(*) 
FROM PageView 
WHERE appName = 'My Application' 
  WHERE duration < 0.5 AS 'Good', 
  WHERE duration >= 0.5 AND duration < 0.85 AS 'Regular', 
  WHERE duration > 0.85 AS 'Bad') 
SINCE 1 day ago


Hi @Renato.Malvino - You may want to review this article, which is publicly available @philweber ;). It describes some other metrics which are becoming available via Insights or you can hand craft yourself.


Let us know if Phil or Stefan’s messages have been helpful @Renato.Malvino :smiley:


Hi, yes it helped a lot.

thank you!


@Renato.Malvino The post I referenced earlier is now publicly visible. Check this out! :slight_smile: