BrowserInteraction events firing out of control on iOS/Chrome

I am using custom browser interaction events to track some KPIs. Everything appears to be working correctly on all the operating system/browser combinations we have tried, except for iOS/Chrome.

I have confirmed the behavior on a 1st Gen iPad Pro, iOS 13.5.1 and an iPhone SE2, iOS 14.0 and I can see that the issue is happening to actual users as well.
When triggering custom browser interaction events on either of these devices using Chrome (85 on iPad and 75 on iPhone), instead of firing one event as you would expect (when logging out, for example) it instead fires about 8000. Some events fire more or less aggressively, but always far more than expected. These events will all get their own browser interaction ID, but they all have the same or nearly the same timestamp. When performing the same actions using Safari on those same devices, the events fire as expected. Tooling to effectively troubleshoot these issues on iOS/Chrome is fairly limited from what I can find.

Browser Application in New Relic


I am using the SPA Agent, pasted into my index.html file.

Hi @ted16,

I’m not aware of any issues of this nature specific to iOS/Chrome. It sounds like there’s something unexpected happening with how that browser is handing the interaction() API call you’re using to generate the custom interactions but I can’t think why that might be.

Are the multiple events being generated complete duplicates of one another - not just the timestamps, but do they also have the same name, URLs, timings, etc? What’s the activity that’s supposed to be triggering them?

They appear to be duplicate events. I am triggering events on a variety of actions, but in many cases the call to interaction() fires when a button is clicked. All the event data is identical except for browser_interaction_id and timestamp. Sometimes timestamp is the same too, but it can differ by the last digit.

Would love some support here. Happy to do whatever I can to help investigate. Otherwise I will have to abandon using NR for RUM as it is flooding me with junk events.


What you’re describing is not the way that API call should be working and we haven’t yet had any other reports of similar issues with this browser. Because of the use of custom events, I’m not sure what else to we can tell you about this in the abstract. I’m going to start a ticket for you so we can collect some additional app specific data.

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