Bucket sizes published in the discussion forum are inconsistent across posts

The bucket sizes and time windows mentioned in this page Relic Solution: Downsampling and Retention of Infrastructure Data are not entirely consistent with the ones mentioned here - Relic Solution: Data visualization and bucketing in the New Relic Infrastructure UI

For eg. in the first page (The ones discussing retention)

  • 15 minute and 6 hour buckets are missing

In the second page (The ones discussing visualization):

  • 1 hour and 3 hour buckets are missing

Can I assume the available buckets are the union of buckets mentioned in both the pages?
Also, what are the retention periods of 15 minute and 6 hour buckets (for the latter I assume it is full retention period)

I think I found the answer to one of my questions, I missed the following

However, what are their retention periods?

@psreepada I think this might be what you are looking for

Thanks for the reply. In the provided link, I cannot find the retention periods of individual buckets such as 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 1 minute, 10 minute buckets.

Ah I see; I think you are referring to downsampling. The RAW data buckets for 5-10 seconds gets downsampled 1 min buckets after 7 days and the ‘seconds’ buckets are no longer available.

So the 5 seconds buckets from today will not be available in 7 days. The data will be stored in 1 min buckets at that time.

More on that here:

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