Bug: NRQL alert doesn't affect health status indicators


NRQL alerts which are faceted by appName has no impact on the app’s health status indicator; the indicator being the red-amber-green blob next to the app’s name.

This leads to confusion on various pages of NR1 user interface—such as the Explorer page’s Navigator view—where it isn’t obvious which apps have alerting setup and, more concerningly, which apps are currently experiencing critical incidents.

Consistency in behaviour for health status indicator for APM and NRQL alerts alike would be greatly appreciated to address this gap.


Hi @rishav.dhar - The system that changes traffic light colors looks for entity.guid to determine what entity to adjust, so you will need to facet by entity.guid. If your target event type uses something other than entity.guid (SyntheticCheck uses entityGuid), you will need to spoof the system a bit. Try using this instead:

SELECT COUNT(result) from SyntheticCheck Where result = 'FAILED' and entityGuid = 'some-value' FACET entityGuid AS 'entity.guid'

This should work for now, and we are working hard on changing the system so that it will automatically access the GUID of any entity that is violating. This will allow us to change traffic light colors on entities covered by alert conditions without any extra work on your part.


Hi @dkoyano, I appreciate your response here as well as our Support ticket.

Since our currently NRQL alerts are already facet by appName, these would then become FACET appName, entity.guid. This has the side-effect of making really long names within the incident page as entity.guid adds a huge string of characters which is unnecessarily confusing during ongoing investigations.

What’s more, despite the ongoing critical violation denoted by the red traffic light in the top-left, there are no regions of critical violation overlaid on any of the charts. The violation isn’t even in the Application Activity panel in the top-right. Perhaps this because I’ve combined FACET appName, entity.guid. As mentioned, without appName there’s nearly nothing for the responder to base their investigation.

I hope this highlights the business-case with regards to potential value that can be fulfilled by integrating NRQL alerts with health status indicators.

@rishav.dhar - Being able to update the health status of an entity of a NRQL alert condition using appName is a feature request which we can help file for you. In regards to the red traffic light despite no overlay in the charts or activity in the Application activity, this is a known bug. If you search the host PL005 Admin.Web in your incidents in alerts you will find an open violation which is causing the traffic light to show a red status.

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I’d appreciate if bug reports are raised for both incidents:

  • NRQL alerts are just as native to New Relic as APM alerts. The fact that APM alert incidents update the health status of the impacted entity but an identical NRQL alert incident does not is a significant regression of expected behaviour. I cannot see how this can possibly be a feature request for a monitoring tool.

  • Again, I don’t get how a known bug whereby an ongoing incident is not displayed on charts OR activity stream isn’t already addressed as a priority. It’s as if NRQL alerts are second-class citizens despite being the backbone of rendering charts on almost every single page.

Please could I be kept up-to-date with progress on these fronts? Please feel free to get in touch with our account team, as needed.

Hi @rishav.dhar ,

My name is Clayton Stockdale and I’m one of the Support Customer Experience Managers here at New Relic. As you noted, this looks to stem from Support Ticket: 464168 that Shane Reddy (your SCXM) was tracking further following the closure of the ticket. Your account team is currently out of office for our company-wide New Relic Recharge week. We’ve made note of this ticket & will loop in your account team following their return next week Monday 8/16. They should be able to give you the latest status & help prioritize further. Let us know if we can help assist with anything else in the meantime.


Clayton Stockdale

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Hi @rishav.dhar,

I’ll be looking into these for you and tracking them going forward.


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