(BUG?) The deployment API webhook to Slack went silent... and now started posting to our Slack again

We’ve had this configured for the past couple of months, but since the beginning of February it started not posting the events on our Slack.

And now today it started posting some webhook events on the target channel… but about deployments that date back to early February.

This isn’t exactly useful.

Is this a known issue?
How do we fix it?


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Is anyone looking into this?
I see a lot of editing activity to change this post’s category, so it feels like no ownership of the problem isn’t clear…

@asimdlv thanks for your patience and sorry for the wait! We had an issue with deployment notifications that prevented them from going out for a while and then they were sent all at once. The issue should be resolved as of a few days ago.

Good to know. Is there a better way to reach out to your support team directly in the future for problems like this?