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Build issues with proguard on


Version 5.21.1
Android ( Android studio 3.2.1 )

I am trying to do a release build and im currently sitting in what seems like an infinite loop on :app:newRelicMapUploadRelease_debug, I’ve left it a good half hour a couple of times with no luck. I was originally using version 5.20.0 but upped this to 5.21.1 just to see if this fixed it as there are release notes to suggest that some proguard changes were made for 5.21.1

I have tried invalidating cache and restarting as well as clean builds and even re importing the project with no changes to what im seeing.

This was working fine 2/3 days ago with no changes to Android studio, build tools or proguard on our side.

Anyone got any ideas?

Edit: Maybe a way to disable auto uploading of the mapping file as we always do this manually.




Hi Kev,

I will be helping you with this build time issue and we are actively tracking this problem in engineering. There have been other reports as well so this is of critical priority to our team. It appears the latest 5.21.1 is causing the slower builds.

In the meantime, I have temporarily been able to build at an expected speed by using agent version 5.21.0, the release just before the latest 5.21.1 .

Could you please give that a try and see if it speeds up your build?

Also, if you could, could you send your App level build.gradle and proguard rules file? This could be helpful to our team’s investigations.

Please let me know how that goes and I look forward to hearing back from you!


Hi Xi Xia,

Thanks for getting back to me, I also opened up a ticket in the support system due to some time constraints I had for a release and was getting some help from Lucy about the same issue.

Dropping back to 5.20.0 has fixed the issue for me.

As an FYI, The fact I was seeing the issue on what I believed was earlier versions of the lib was down to the fact we had the library included at app and project level, project level was set to 5+ and was over ridding the app level include that was 5.20.0, so it looked as though we were seeing the issue on lower version libs.

Thanks for your’s and Lucy’s Help.



Hi @kthompson,

First and foremost thanks for reporting this issue; I’m glad that Lucy and Xi Xia were able to lend a hand with a workaround solution while our team reviewed this build time delay. Second, I’m happy to report that our tea has rectified this issue and the fix is available in Android release 5.21.2. I hope this helps you out!