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Bypass reCaptcha - traversing to and sending secret key


One of my sites has a reCaptcha that I am trying to bypass in order to get to validation. I’m trying to use this solution but I’m having a hard time traversing into the iframe and I have no idea into which element to send the secret key. I’m sorry if this seems like a super basic question.

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It looks like the use of those test site key and secret key values are for configuration of the reCaptcha in a testing environment, where site-key is used as a data-attribute for the reCaptcha html element on client:

And the secret is used by your app server in the verification POST for reCaptcha attempts.

More on the API key pair here:

So that being said, it looks like there is not a path for utilizing those keys purely on the client side to bypass a reCaptcha.


Thank you for the response Michael. I appreciate the explanation.