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C SDK - Instrument a .so and a .so accessed via JNI?




As part of a project to determine new relic viability for our needs:

  1. Is it possible for a .so ( that is guaranteed to only loaded by one process ) to be profiled by the
    SDK by linking your static lib?

  2. If 1) can be done, is it possible to profile a JVM app that loads the .so via JNI, at the same time?


Thanks for your questions!

The C SDK doesn’t provide any built-in profiling capabilities. Instead, you monitor your application by creating transactions and segments using the C SDK API. This requires both that the C SDK be linked into your application (either via static or dynamic linking) and that you add the appropriate function calls as required.

We haven’t tested the JNI case specifically, but I can’t think of any particular reason it wouldn’t work. (Bonus: if you use the Java agent to monitor your JVM app, you could also use distributed tracing to link the transactions created by the Java agent and C SDK together, provided you can pass a payload string from the caller to the callee.)