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C SDK integration - getting Undefined symbols



I am writing a c++ plugin for my application, The plugin will be a shared library and my application wil use the plugin,The plugin has the calls to new relic api (which is linked usign libnewrelic.a) which is linked statically. after i build my plugin I see error when i load the plugin using dlopen and it it shows undefined symbols to the relic apis.
any help is appreciated.

plugin = libdmmonitorso

this plugin is built using below flags:
g++ -m64 -Wno-deprecated -O4 -DSYS_V -D_REENTRANT -Dunix -D_DM_NL_MULTIPROCESS -I. -I…/common/hdr -I…/hdr -I/root/anitha/depot/3rdParty/External/newrelic/include -fPIC -rdynamic -pthread dmMonitorFactory.o dmMonitorInstrument.o dmNewRelicContext.o dmLibrary.o dmlog.o dmPlatform.o StringTokenizer.o -Wl,–whole-archive -shared -o -L/newrelic/lib/libnewrelic.a -Wl,–no-whole-archive /usr/lib/ -lm

This generates my plugin but I am unable to load this library.

nm |grep newrelic_create*
U newrelic_create_app
** U newrelic_create_app_config**

as i get undefined symbols.
Any help is appreciated.
I want to use the plugin based approach to monitor my c++.application


Hi @aseshadr,

To link a static library, pass the full path without leading -L. So instead of passing -L/newrelic/lib/libnewrelic.a to your linker, just pass /newrelic/lib/libnewrelic.a (or whatever is the path to the static library).

Please let us know if that helps.