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📣 Calling All Community MVPs 📣



The purpose of the Community is to answer all of your tricky technical New Relic questions. But we can’t do that without the help of our dedicated Community members. For the next two weeks we’re challenging you to become Community MVPs by becoming Solvers, Professors and Datanauts.


Solvers help make answers easy to find! And becoming a Solver is pretty easy. If you’re the Topic Owner, a checkbox iconwill be available at the bottom of all subsequent posts. Click on it to select the post that best answers your question.

Once selected, that post will have a solution icon:

Additionally, the solution is linked to from the original post:

If you click the solutions checkbox for 1+ post you earn your Local Solver badge . Click 5+ of those handy checkboxes and you’ll earn your Global Solver badge . And if you click 10+ solutions checkbox you’ll receive your Intergalactic Solver badge PLUS a fantastic Explorers Hub t-shirt :shirt:


Becoming a Professor is simple. Just help out your fellow community members by answering questions when you know the answer! Answer 1+ question (which is marked as the solution) and earn your Local Professor badge . Answer 5+ questions and your a Global Professor with the badge to match . And if you answer 10+ questions you’ll not only receive your Intergalactic Professor badge , you’ll also get an Explorer’s Hub t-shirt! :shirt: (They’re so soft you guys!)


Becoming a Datanaut is the highest honor the Explorers Hub offers! Datanauts regularly use their New Relic knowledge to help other Community members and have answered 20+(!) questions in the past year. If you reach Datanaut status during this challenge you’ll not only earn the Explorers Hub’s highest level badge, you’ll also receive an Explorers Hub t-shirt :shirt:.

The Nitty Gritty Details

  • You can only click the solutions checkbox on topics you’ve started.

  • This challenge counts for ALL topics no matter how old they are. Have some old questions that you never marked the solutions for? Do it now!

  • Did you solve your own question? Post the answer and then mark it as the solution. This will get you double credit and count toward both your Solver and Professor status. Don’t be THAT person who posts questions they already know the answer to just for the points, please. We’re building a comunity, and that takes real interactions.


Seriously, the shirts are so soft, and look so cool! I begged @hross for one as soon as I saw them.


Ohh, how can I get one @hross :slight_smile:


Solve 10 posts! I know you can do it!


I already did :wink:


Well - sort of. We’re being sticklers here. You need some combination of marking 10 posts as the solutions AND/OR having 10 of your posts marked as the solution. It only counts if the actual checkbox is used. When a topic has a post with a marked answer, it is marked as such, and helps us rank it higher in search results, so it makes that topic more valuable for everyone.


You would have to create a lot of posts and get the correct responses in 2 weeks to get the free t-shirt :open_mouth:


Well, if anyone can do that, it’s you, @stefan_garnham! :wink: Believe it or not, we have some people who are getting really close to that t-shirt!

We may have set our sights a bit high on this one, but we hope our Explorers try anyway! Hint: there may be, possibly, could be some kind of “participation prize” for those who give best efforts to find and give answers during these 2 weeks.


Also - you have so many older posts! Make sure they have a solution checked!


And… that’s a wrap on this call to action everyone! It definitely looks like we set our sites a little high (and/or maybe didn’t articulate that you could mark answers on your OLD posts too), but we did have some good participation in this one.

It may seem trivial, but ensuring that topics have an answer clearly marked is really important to making the community an even more valuable resource. I’m sure you would love to know if that topic answer you found via search that so closely matches your problem has an answer BEFORE you start digging through a long thread. So taking the time to mark those answers is really important! Plus, you reward those folks who did the answering, because they get Professor badges and then everyone can see how smart they are.

Although no one met the threshold of 10 actions to get a tee-shirt, we decided that three of you came close enough:

@jbiggley (how’d the launch go?)

Thanks folks! to claim your t-shirt, please fill out this quick form!


thank you thank you :slight_smile:


Hey, awesome! The launch went pretty well and we’ve developed a stance to expand the usage based on the success with using the FACET in NRQL queries. @zackm has built some very cool automation too!

Now, if we could only talk about that FACET limitation of a 150 entities :wink: