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Can I compose list of interaction in the row?



Hi support team
I’m using newRelic v5.17.2 for android
Can I have many interaction in only one method then that result show on the chart group all of interaction I have? because I want to view all of duration time from init - call api - response render to view. I will create interaction for each step :slight_smile:
thank you.


Hi @v.thanhtd16,

I understand you would like to create custom instrumentation and view duration times for a method with multiple interactions. I’d like to better understand exactly what you are wanting to record.

For example:
If you create a method, called LoadThePage().
Inside that method, there are three separate methods: A(), B(), and C()

Are you wanting all three to be uniquely captured by us and see 3 separate times recorded?
LoadThePage {
A() = 1sec
B() = .5 sec
C() = 1 sec }

Add up all three times and show it as a total for LoadThePage()?
LoadThePage() = 2.5 sec

Or are you looking to do something different than this? Please let me know so I can give you the best options on how to record these interactions.



Yes that right. and if it can do it, Can I have create chart that collect three custom instrumentation?


Hi @v.thanhtd16,

Yes! You can add a custom interaction to your method and track that data in Insights using NRQL queries. Below, I’ve linked documentation outlining how to do so, specifically, startInteraction() and endInteraction() for Android. These docs provide all the information to get your custom instrumentation started and how to view it once it’s been recorded.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Add Custom Data -

startInteraction() -

endInteraction() -

Customize NRQL Charts -

NRQL Overview -