Can I migrate New Relic from Heroku to AWS?

I am currently hosting an app on Heroku and using New Relic through the Heroku add on. I am in the process of migrating away from Heroku to host my app on AWS. My understanding is that when installing the Heroku add on, it will create an add on account, which is how I am able to look at the dashboards. I would like to use New Relic on AWS as well, while keeping all of the data collected while hosted on Heroku. Will I need to make a new New Relic account and be able to see the data collected from the add on account? Or, I can use the same account? Thanks!

Great question @jjiang1

I’m not fully sure of the answer to the question “What happens to my NR account when I stop using Heroku”

but, I know my colleagues can definitely help with that. So I’ll create a ticket for you to get this answered.

Hi, I’m in a similar process, how can I migrate while retaining the New Relic collected data?

I got a ticket created for you to answer this question for you :smiley: