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Can new relic work with Varnish 4.1.1?



I just try to add New Relic to the Varnish Cache server, but I was a bit confused about the requirements.

In the document (, it shows that the new relic system supports “Varnish Cache 1.0 or newer.”

However, in the code repo ( the requirement changes to “Varnish Cache versions: 5.X+”.

The varnish version of our system is 4.1.11, and can not be upgraded due to some third party plugins.

Can I use New Relic for my varnish server?




Thanks for reaching out and bring up this issue to our attention. Discussing the discrepancy between our documentation with our Engineers, they have confirmed that indeed the Github repo README should read Varnish Cache versions: 1.X+. The documentation has since been updated:

Please let us know if you have further questions or concerns.



Thank you very much.

I am trying to install it on the varnish server now.