Can not add Slack as a destination in alert condition


I’m using Heroku NewRelic APM and I’d like to add an Alert to Slack.

But I can not click “Authenticate in one click” buttonin Alert condition setting. The message shown like “This user doesn’t have permissions to perform this aciton”. Any idea to fix this problem?

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Hi @kumai

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So I would suggest following the guidelines laid-out in our docs here Notification channels: Control where to send alerts. This doc will help guide you through the process.

However for permissions error, it may be due to your role on account 3396820, the role you have is user. For support on this you will need to reach out to Heroku support, or you may make the request of a user in the account that has admin permissions.

I hope this was helpful, should you have any questions or updates please do reach out.