Can we find age of the message in the Service bus queue and count of message processed from queue using NRQL?

I am trying to add two widget using NRQL ;

  • Find max age of message in the queue.

  • Number of messages that are processed from the queue.

Team can you plz help out?

Can you show the keyset() for the event data you are using for the queue?

W e are using the AzureServiceusQueueSample event which have data can be found in attached file.
AzureServiceBusQueueSample.txt (1.6 KB)

Ok, but that’s not New Relic metric data. Are you sending metrics to New Relic already? I assume so since you are asking for help with NRQL, but if you are not you need to get with your folks to get that first.

Hi @mmeshram - The documentation below lists the metrics available to use for AzureServiceBusQueueSample.

Queue sample metrics

Unfortunately, I am not seeing anything that would be useful to query that might provide the info you are looking for.