Cancel account and subscriptions

Would like to cancel subscriptions and completely close account.
Please raise a support issue as I’m unable to.
This needs to be done prior to renewal.

Hi @itadmin42

Thanks for recaching out, In hope you are well. Congrats on your first post.

Usually we could link the self service solution for account deletion, as seen here How to delete your Organization.

However as this is a “Paid Active” account, the cancellation would need to be within a certain date range, to confirm and assist with this I have created a case with the Accounts. Note they will reach out via email soon.

Should you have any additional questions or updates please do reach out!

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Hi @dcody ,
Thanks for the response, not heard from Accounts, got 45 days till renewall want to cancel at the right time before then.

Hi @itadmin42

I can see that the Accounts team had reached out on the 1 July 2022 at 16:34, can you confirm if you received this email.

Note it may have gone to your spam folder.

Just incase you are unable to locate the email please see the below;

" After looping in the Billing Team on this, I can confirm that your next renewal is: 08/21/2022 you can cancel at that time, but if you would like to cancel earlier, will have to pay early termination fee.

Please let me know if you wish me to loop in our accounts team to discuss this termination fee."

Should you require further assistance or if you would like me to loop you in with the Accounts team again please do let me know.