Cancel my old account

I’d like to cancel my old account but can’t open several pages related to my account:

An error occurred while trying to load your account information. Try again, or contact your administrator or New Relic representative.

Any help is appreciated.

After several page refreshes, the page opened to cancel my subscriptions, but then:

Unexpected error

We failed to submit your request. Please try again.

Still trying …

I guess it was a problem with NewRelic servers, I finally cancel the subscriptions, but where can I delete the account? Not intuitive.

Hello @newrelic691,

Welcome to the community!

We have a great writeup that should be able to help you resolve this: How to delete your Organization. Please take a look at this guide and reach out if you are needing further assistance. If you are able to get this resolved using the guide, we would love to hear it and also encourage you to mark that as the solution in this topic!

We hope to hear from you soon.

Hi @michaelfrederick!

Thanks for the response. I’ve already followed this links but I don’t have the “Delete Organization” link. I followed other link about Downgrade/Cancel organization but without success.

I have 2 accounts, one with the new pricing model and the one with old data which I need to cancel (ID 1042715).


Hey @newrelic691,

I have created a case with our accounts team to help you out further. They will need more information so they will reach out via email shortly and get this resolved with you. Please reach out if there is anything else we can assist with, I hope you have a great day!

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