Cancelling Subscriptions


We would like to cancel our subscription. But the contact form doesn’t really get any representative talking to us.

How do you reach customer support and cancel the subscription?


Welcome to the Explorers Hub @Chathushka1. Sorry to hear you were having difficulties contacting us. I have reached out to our Accounts team on your behalf and they will be reaching out shortly in an email to assist you with this.

Thanks @nmcnamara. I’m still waiting till I get someone from your teams to contact us. It’s been 4 days, any idea how long it usually takes?

Sorry about this but our previous AM at NR seems to have left the company.

I wanted to cancel my subscription as well and the online process did not work, which is totally cheesy. I had to fill a Sales form - please stop bugging your users and let us out!

@Chathushka1 I appreciate you following up about this and I apologise for any delay. As it’s the start of the month, there can be a large in flow of billing queries and that is why there is a delay on the response but our Accounts team should be in touch soon.

@urs.martini I’m sorry to hear that you were having trouble cancelling your subscription. I have created a ticket for support to follow up with you directly about this.